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Dr. Geoff Rudy is the owner of Integrative Sports Medicines LLC/Zenergy Chiropractic and the Head Chiropractic/Acupuncture Physician at the Integrative Sports Medicines Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale clinics. He currently serves as the Team Chiropractic Physician for the Miami Marlins Major- League Baseball team, Head Chiropractor/Acupuncture Physician for the NFL Combine and NFL Pro off season training center at XPE Sports. He combines a unique blend of Sports Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Active Release techniques in conjunction with Diversified/Thompson methods of Chiropractic care and Acupuncture/Dry Needling/Bio-injection Therapies.

Dr. Rudy is also the co-owner of the Return to Play Foundation, a holistic medical 501c3 non-profit corporation which offers Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Rehabilitation Services to underprivileged populations in the South Florida Community.

Dr. Rudy utilizes Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA), Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and gait analysis during initial evaluations with each patient. These protocols provide accurate movement-based diagnostics, which are designed to provide efficient methods to systematically find the root cause of symptoms.

He also utilizes Functional Movement Screens to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns. These movement patterns are designed to analyze performance-specific exercises and movements where weakness and imbalances become noticeable and observable thus helping to design a three-dimensional full body approach to healing.

Dr. Rudy is currently an Active Release Technique (ART) Provider for the USA and Canadian Ironman and Triathlon Community, as well as a Sports Chiropractor for the MLB, NFL Combine and NFL Pro off-season Training Center. Dr. Rudy has worked as a Sports Medicine Provider for the MLB, NBA, NFL, Ironman, National Pro Grid League (NPGL), Crossfit Games, Miami Triathlon, and Co-Author of “The Desk Jockey’s Manifesto”, The Practical Guide for the Modern Computer Desk Worker.

Dr. Rudy has taught numerous lectures on topics such as Workstation Ergonomics, Injury Prevention for Runners, Mobility for Crossfit Athletes, Self-myofascial Release Technique for Postural Restoration, Precision Chiropractic and Rehab for Major League Baseball and NFL athletes. Dr. Rudy was voted best Sports Medicine Doctor award in 2016 Southeast Region, in the best of competitor Running Magazine.

He is certified as a Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury Specialist (MVCOI) specializing in Personal Injury Cases and motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

Dr. Rudy is an indoctrinated member of the Professional Major League Baseball Chiropractic Society, a member of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society, Florida Chiropractic Association, and American Chiropractic Association.

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