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Professional Experience
Ariana started her career in 2017 as a licensed pharmacy technician where she learned all about the pharmaceutical industry. Knowledgeable about FDA drug safety guidelines, prescription interactions,medications and pharmacy laws. She quickly gained leadershiped for a major national pharmaceutical provider. Also helped launched Covid Testing and Vaccination sites. Ariana is CPR and Immunization Certified. After six years of experience in pharmacy, Ariana wanted to learn and gain experience in something new! She is now the office admin at Jaguar Theraputics !
Ariana graduated from Ronald Reagan Senior High School in 2017. She then went to apply at Miami Dade Collge and completed her degree in Assoicate of Arts. Ariana will be continuing her educational carrer in UCF or FIU to complete a bachelors in kinesiology. After finishing undergrad she will apply to grad school to finish a carrer in Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Ariana is from Guayaquil Ecuador and moved to Miami when she was younger. She’s always had a passion for sports and exercising. Ariana played club soccer for twelve years and Varsity soccer in high school as well. Being a prior athlete Ariana has suffered three major injuries that required physical therapy. This is when she became intrested in this field, and decided she wants to purse a career of being a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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